Welcome Note

Hey there! I have long been thinking of starting a blog, and now, here I am! My name is Leanne and I have recently finished my studies at the University of Malta, which means I have more free time at my hands to do what I love doing – writing is one thing I’m passionate … More Welcome Note

Are you Living?

“If we die, we die … but first we live” Ygritte to John Snow (Game of Thrones – Season 3 episode 6) Interpret it as you like; I take it as ‘risk to live, go outside your comfort zone, if it goes bad and it’s a mess, it’s O.K. you’ll deal with it. But don’t … More Are you Living?


Haha consistency … According to the English dictionary the noun con/sist/en/cy has two main meanings: in food or drinks when speaking about the degree of density of a substance; how thick and firm it is? how it holds together; in behaviour when speaking about keeping to the same principles and keeping more or less the same … More Con-sist-en-cy!