Welcome Note

Hey there! I have long been thinking of starting a blog, and now, here I am! My name is Leanne and I have recently finished my studies at the University of Malta, which means I have more free time at my hands to do what I love doing – writing is one thing I’m passionate about among a number of other hobbies. Yes, passionate may sound like a big word but I actually invest all my energy in the things that make me feel good 🙂 Anyway, let me cut to the chase and introduce my new blog; you’ll be able to get to know me better through my posts as we go along.

Why Frothy Blends of Days

Hmm it took me quite a while to decide on a name for my blog – I honestly spent about 3 days brainstorming about an original and catchy title which sounded pleasant to my ears. I tried to find inspiration in the things around me but I could not seem to combine the perfect words. It was last Sunday, while browsing the net to find out how to make frothy milk at home for a lovely cappuccino, that it suddenly occurred to me how musical the word ‘frothy’ sounded. The word suggests positivity, it sounds nice, and it reminds me of coffee; and so I thought “this is so me”. It was easy coming up with the rest of the title, Blends of Days, as my intentions were clear in my head. Indeed, as the tabs at the top of my blog suggest, I intend on writing on different topics to combine what I think are the best experiences in my life; things I love or give me satisfaction. Thus, Frothy Blends of Day! – I hope you like it as much as I do!

What to expect under each tab? 

Keeping Fit: I have always loved dancing as a sport and I love working out – it pumps me up and makes me feel great. Thus, I intend to tell you a little bit about my workout routines i.e. what I do and how do I make sure to stick to it. I will also write about some healthy options when it comes to food, referring also to my favourite pre- and post-workout meals.

My Looks: I do not consider myself as a fashionista or a person of an eye-catching style – I mean my outfits are quite ordinary but I try to spice up some of my looks with some simple accessories, especially when I have some time to spare. I will post some of the looks I like to also seek your opinions, including any make-up experimentation that goes well 😛 and nail art I try.

Food Love: Oh God, do I looovvveee food?! By time I have grown to be more disciplined when it came to food, but I love all types of food and I love trying out different traditional dishes. I also enjoy baking cakes, cookies, muffins – you name it! as well as trying out dips and different snacks. I will post some of my makings and any other food/drink I enjoy out and about in local restaurants.

Living Life: Life is the greatest gift and I truly believe it! I live my life to the full and try to enjoy every moment. I am not someone who settles for the same usual things, and so, I am always seeking new places to visit, new restaurants to try, and different local events to go to. In this section I will post anything that I feel is part of life; things that inspired me or experiences that helped me grow in some way.

My Writings: As mentioned in the very first paragraph, I love writing and so it is no surprise that I also attempt my hand at writing poems, which may not always rhyme! I will share some of these with you, adding a short description of what inspired me to write about that specific topic in the first place. I have been writing ‘poetry’ for quite a while now, so I have a small collection about different topics ranging from friendships that went wrong to hopeful and inspiring pieces.

Random Moments: This section is about any random post that I feel it’s worth including, that actually has nothing to do with the other tabs. It may be something about me, a reflection, a lesson I learnt, a book I loved, a film I watched recently, or anything of the sort.

I hope I gave you a decent overview of the intended content of my blog, and I really really hope you will enjoy it 🙂 Any comments or feedback are very much appreciated.

Feel free to contact me on my personal email: leanne.hallett93@gmail.com, or a private message on Facebook.

Lea X

P.s.:  < Look around . Love it . And Snap a Shot! > 😉 

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