Footy Frenzy

Last Thursday I witnessed what I feel like defining a great football match which made locals very proud. I must say that I am not a football fan and I never really took interest in it, but the local team of Birkirkara had made it to the second qualifying round for the UEFA Europa League – this is big news for Malta! They were to play against the English team of West Ham at Ta’ Qali National Stadium. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical and not quite looking forward for the game – it was my boyfriend who urged me to go with him. Ehh relationships! You have to give and take right?

We were seated in the South end – cheapest tickets but still a good view 😉 I could feel a lot of tension between the players and even the supporters – both teams wanted to win at all costs. There were people of all ages at the Stadium and this made me reflect on one particular thing… “would I take my seven-year old child to watch a football match in a stadium?” As I stepped in the stadium and felt a pleasant atmosphere I thought, “why not?”, especially if the child is into football. I soon changed my mind when I witnessed a number of people throwing rash insults at the opponents. Shameful of all were parents swearing in front of their young children – I mean come on! set a good example! Yes, you have to support the local team, but I believe this is best achieved through positive energy and not words that make us look bad! But despite this, I did enjoy it and found myself absorbed in the game until the very end.


1. The atmosphere was very lively, and you can imagine that in not being a football fan, I never really experienced the rush of adrenaline in a football stadium. There was chanting to cheer the local team, clapping and shouting, flags and balloons, and a lot of fanatic supporters!

2. We scored a goal in the first minutes of the first half, making locals hopeful and very happy 🙂

3. It was a match full of action; surely not boring! The game started at around 9.00 pm and was not over until almost midnight! I really did not want to be in the position of the players though – a game of about three hours in the sticky hot weather. Even I, who was simply sitting down, felt flushed and all sweaty!

Local Support
Local Support

Anyway, I bet you all want to know how it ended…

Unfortunately, West Ham won during penalties leaving locals disappointed. We were so close, yet so far!  But I must say that Birkirkara gave a fantastic performance, making locals proud all the same 🙂

Are you a football fan yourselves? Did you follow this match on TV (Yes, it was also aired on TV), or maybe you were at the Stadium too? What did you think of the game? Let me know your opinion 🙂

Lea X

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