Summer Bliss …

Summer for me, who lives in Malta close to southern countries is surely different than summer for you, who may be living in Northern areas. To prove my point, my brother has just been to a holiday in London; he said it rained and that sometimes it got chilly, having to wear a light sleeve every now and then.

But what has this exactly to do with today’s post? I have recently wrote a short poem inspired by a day on the beach at Għajn Tuffieħa (Golden Bay), which I wish to share with you. However, this reflects summer in Malta and the common ways locals enjoy spending their summer days; it might be different for bloggers worldwide out there. Hope everyone can enjoy it though! 🙂 Look at it as a way of getting insight on local summer experience!

Hot summer nights,

Longer days, brighter smiles,

Crowded beaches, lovely breezes,

Summer dresses, light and bright,

Some lay lazy in the sun,

Tanning their body just for fun,

Others enjoy a refreshing drink,

A book in hand or an ice-cream on the sand,

Others love the summer nights,

A glass of wine and something light,

in their company of their mates,

Before the busy winter days,

Oh dear summer! how much you’re loved,

Simply because we’re a little less rushed,

Simply because all ‘ur clouds seem to fade,

as we take rest in the shade.

By Lea X

Sunset @ Golden Bay (Għajn Tuffieħa, Malta)
Sunset @ Golden Bay (Għajn Tuffieħa, Malta)


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