You Gotta ♥ High-Waists!

High-waisted jeans, shorts, skirts combined with crop tops have long become a favourite of mine! Last year I invested a lot of money mostly in high-waisted skirts of different colours and patterns, as well as various crop tops to mix and match. I love the idea of being able to experiment and create a new look each time by simply replacing one item (the top or the skirt) – you can’t do that with dresses! Also, I feel that high-waists hug the figure and make your waist look somewhat thinner 🙂 This makes me love my navy blue, ankle length, high-waisted trousers even more, that I think can be dressed up and down as deem fit. It’s thin, stretchy fabric makes it possible to wear in hot summer days, although I like wearing this in winter as well, since we’re blessed with mild winters.

I opted for my high-waisted trousers for a casual night out, but for a more summery look I rolled it up into a three-quarters – loved it! I paired this up with a plain white crop top and brownish accessories. I find tan/brown to make a lovely combination with denim clothing. In summer I tend to keep it as simple as possible without any bulky accessories/jewellery around my hands or neck. This led me to opt for an elegant watch, dainty rings, and white pearl earrings which I adore! I wear these from day to day because I truly believe they go with every outfit adding more style – not too small to notice beneath the hair, yet not too large and heavy you can barely bear 😉

Bringing the pieces together, this is how I looked:




  • High-waisted trousers: New Look – my favourite shop which has practically everything in one spot!
  • White crop top: Bershka 
  • Gold sandals: TipToes, Valletta – local shop
  • Rings: New Look and Claire’s 
  • Pearl Earrings: Sorry, I totally forgot!
  • Perfume: Black Magic Perfume (Rock n’ Rose Couture) by Valentino 
  • Flower patterned bag and watch were both gifts.

Hope you like it 🙂

Lea X

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