Girl Essentials . . .

I think there are at least 6 basic essentials a girl cannot do without – check out the list below with facts and tips 🙂

(1) Eyebrow Filler


  • It shapes the eyebrow & makes it look fuller.
  • It gives you a decent look when you need serious plucking!
  • It makes eyebrows look neater.

I think this is essential even if intending to keep makeup simple. Indeed, if you have a rebel eyebrow like my left one, I’m sure you are thankful this cosmetic exists! I usually use an eyebrow pencil to help define my eyebrows, but my latest purchase has been this Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel – Catrice Cosmetics. As stated on the product, this is a “naturally tinted eyebrow gel, suitable for all eyebrow colours” – how good is that?! It is similar to a mascara with a wand and a brush. This makes it easy to apply as you brush eyebrow hair in place. Honestly, I have bought it only yesterday and used it once – but so far, so good!

Eyebrow Filler

Tip: Eyebrow stencils can make the job easier if using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow shadows 🙂 

(2) Concealer & Foundation


  • These hide blemishes & dark circles around the eye.
  • These make the skin look smoother.
  • This is the base affecting how the rest of the makeup looks while helping it to last longer.

I usually put some concealer on any red spots and then apply a thin layer of fluid foundation with the tips of my fingers – it gives me more control and I find this a cleaner option than the brush. For the past two years I have been using the French brand La Roche-Posay, specifically intended for sensitive skin. I was told this does not clog the skin pores allowing the skin to respire. I must say I found this product very effective – it blends easily plus it reduces any rash or spots on the intolerant areas. Oh and I almost forgot…for the finishing touch I like applying some compact powder. I use the Stay Matte Pressed Powder (004 Sandstorm) – Rimmel London for shine control, especially on those oily skin areas.


Tip: Use an eye concealer for the under-eye to achieve a better result & apply foundation in a well-lit room to ensure this is evenly spread & that there is no contrast between the face and the neck 🙂 

(3) Blush


  • It gives colour to your cheeks to overcome paleness, making you look more radiant & energized even if you’re not.
  • It helps define cheekbones especially if paired up with a highlighting powder.
  • It gives you the ‘cute doll’ look if you know to blend in just the right amount – otherwise you become Annabelle from the horror movie!

Since I have a pale skin I enjoy some added colour to my cheeks, which I think gives me the glow I need – I wear blush even if I’m opting for a natural look. I go for a pinkish blush colour to wear during the day, and a bronze-coloured blush to wear at night; however, this also depends on the outfit I’m wearing. My current favourites are the Wjcon 204 Compact Blush – Perugia, Italy and the Multi-Colour Blush (060 Strawberry Frappucino) – Catrice Cosmetics. 


Tip: To apply blush start from over the cheek bone moving all the way down to the ear. Make sure you use a good brush & that you do not go lower than the upper lip 🙂 

(4) White Eye Pencil


  • It makes the eye look bigger & wider.
  • It brings out the shape & colour of the eye.
  • It gives you a softer cleaner look the black eye pencil cannot give – ideal for daily wear.

I’ve discovered the benefits of using a white eye pencil about two years ago, and I have not stopped using it ever since. I love wearing this with just a few layers of mascara – no eyeliner on the lid. In this way you can afford emphasizing the lips with a darker lip shade!

White eye pencil

Tip: Try putting some of this at the corner of the eye to emphasize this area 🙂 

(5) Mascara


  • It refines your look & makes you look bolder.
  • It makes the eyes stand out as mascara helps to lengthen & voluminize the lashes.
  • You can practically go out with just a couple of mascara coatings & still pull it off nicely!

I have tried different brands (Pupa, L’Oreal, MaXfactor, Maybelline, Catrice, Revlon, Rimmel) but my recent favourite is the Black Volume Mascara Better Than False Lashes – Catrice Cosmetics with a triple volume brush – it both lengthens and volumizes my eyelashes. I like to use this for the upper lashes, using a smaller brush for the base ones. I am currently opting for the Volum’ ExpressMaybelline, New York. I also find very practical the Look Pluma Volum’ Express Mascara Maybelline, New York with its flexible wand. What can I say? I love mascara and its effects – I can go out without eyeliner but never without some mascara coats.


Tip: When applying mascara press gently as you approach the edges to curl up your eyelashes and open up the eye. Don’t forget to apply at least two coats of mascara for that sexy look 🙂

(6) Tinted Lip Balms


  • It soothes the lips while also giving that subtle rosy colour.
  • It keeps the look simple but still intensifies the lips with some shine.
  • Lips feel softer as balms add moisture.

My lips dry up and get cracky mostly in winter when the weather is chilly and windy. However, there are rare times when my lips dry up in summer due to excessive heat. Everyone knows that this can be both hurtful and not appealing. Someone suggested Vaseline as the perfect therapy – I opted for the Rosy Lips for that gentle tint. I like its velvety feel on the lips but it can get messy due to its oily texture. Thus, my recent purchase has been the Colour Changing Lipstick by Catrice with a balm effect. I haven’t tried it yet but it promises good!

Lip balms

Tip: Try defining the lips with a nude colour lip liner & then blending in the balm for a fuller lip look.

[P.S.: I apologize for having been almost a week since my last post but I had some trouble with the internet connection at home.]

Any other girl essential I failed to mention here? Is there one beauty product you personally feel cannot do without?

Lea X

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