Let’s Go Floral

Nothing beats a light dress in summer! Summer dresses can easily be worn down for daily wear paired up with flat sandals or ballerina shoes, or else spiced up with some accessories and a wedge for a dine out. To mark the beginning of the weekend I wore a navy blue floral summer dress – I love navy blue and in this case the combination of lighter peachy flowers creates an elegant contrast. Its light material flows playfully to make this dress comfortable and so girly 🙂


The shoes are of the same shade as the flowers on the dress, with a wooden platform that is not so high. To maintain contrast I opted for an elegant matching bag – the light pinkish shade of the bag brings out the darker background colour of the dress.


Currently I’m into pinned up hair because apart from giving you a neat look, there is no fear of your hair getting frizzy and losing its form in the humid weather. This time I combed my hair into a low bun and wore bright peach earrings with gold lining to enhance a simple look. As regards to makeup I focused more on the lips:

  1. Applied base makeup – foundation & powder;
  2. Dipped a small eyeshadow brush into some black eyeshadow and contoured my eyes (no liquid liner used);
  3. Applied white eye pencil at the base;
  4. Applied some mascara to both lashes;
  5. Highlighted the corner of my eyes with a highlighter pen;
  6. Applied some bronze-coloured blush to my cheeks;
  7. Coloured my lips in a bright peach-pink sublime matte lipstick (Wjcon) – so summery!


Dress: Jennyfer // Shoes: New Look // Bag: Centro Moda (local)

Do you like to wear floral dresses in summer? What would you have done differently to this look? Love to know your ideas – maybe some other time I can use some of your suggestions 🙂 Love to all …


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