A New Start

Everyone reflects on where s/he wants to be,

what s/he wants to do in the near future…

some don’t have a clue

Others know perfectly

but things may not always come as expected…

I feel it makes sense to share this news with you because there is a great probability it will affect my future posts. This is also a chance to get to know me better because I think I have never actually talked about my job. On the 24th of September I will start a new beginning, a new way of looking at my life. Until now I knew the life of a student and with its ups and downs I can say I don’t regret choosing this journey. For the last four years I have been studying to graduate as a secondary school teacher in English and geography. I have managed to achieve my dream but…

Let me explain how it works for those who don’t know – you do your dissertation and undertake the finals, you wait for quite some time for the results, during this time you sit for interviews for both subjects in my case (a duration of more or less 40 minutes during which you are asked questions about pedagogy, content knowledge, the curriculum, pastoral role of the teacher etc), and then wait some more. In fact the results of the interviews were published recently. Obviously you are happy when you realize you did well and fortunately I did in both subjects. However, like most probably all teachers teaching two subjects, you still have that preferred subject you love teaching more – in my case this is geography and it shows because I placed first in the interviews but…

Just yesterday I was offered a post for an English teacher. Now in accepting the post, I would indirectly be refusing my other subject (geography). Since this is an important decision I made my own enquiries, and to my dismay found out there are no known vacancies for the post of a geography teacher. This meant either risking unemployment or accept the job of an English teacher. Now let me make this clear I love languages and I love literature – I mean if I didn’t I would not have this blog… but I felt geography was more my thing. It was a hard decision I had to take in a few hours; but the more I think about it, the more eager I get to start and take this new challenge. Maybe it was not as I expected but hey ultimately, I am doing what I love doing…

To Teach . To Inspire . To make a difference .



10 thoughts on “A New Start

  1. Best wishes my dear as you embark on this new journey. You don’t need good luck as that is needed by people who didn’t work hard for it, but I know you did. Your new job is a new thing, like a test. Just enjoy and don’t stress, I know your hard work will yield success. I know you will give it your all throughout. I wish you all the best because you truly deserve it. xxx Much love.

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    1. Aaaaaaa this is a big surprise Bella 🙂 Thank you so so much for this comment – your support and encouragement mean a lot to me. You believed in me always throughout my 4 years of study. Maybe I get to teach your children some day :p haha

      Love you ❤ xxxx


    1. A big thank you for your kind words.. you’re just so sweet 🙂 Next Monday I should know the school of where I’m about to start teaching 🙂 I’m soo curious.
      Happy weekend dear!

      Lea Xo

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