Appearances Vs. Reality

Hey lovelies!

It’s been some time since I’ve posted something in this section of my blog – so here’s a piece of writing I wrote at the beginning of summer. It’s short and quite straight forward 🙂

A black dress.

Ready to impress.

High-heel shoes.

Hair loose.

And a fancy car

to go as far.

A broken heart

that lies beneath.


under rich garments

that deceive.

We are awed

by external beauty.

Fascinated, distracted.

Unable to carry out

our duty.

Look into the eye,

read the smile,

Take time to think

before you deny.

There is a story

that marks each one!

The last verse may not rhyme but I could not think of a better way of ending this thought. Indeed, there is a story that marks each one of us … which should be respected! I remember writing this after meeting with some vane people, who according to me led an artificial life. This made me think about their true personality … I felt they had this cool attitude in an attempt to distract themselves from life issues and escape emotions. Appearances can be deceitful – it may not necessarily be in a negative way. Some may find it hard to show their true character, struggling to feel accepted, afraid of your judgement …

Think about this 🙂



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