Monthly Resumé 1: August

Hi there ^^

I have been thinking of adding a new section to my blog; a resumé for each month. My intention is to reflect and summarize some aspects of each month. As you well know, August has come to an end 😦 – so here’s the first one:

A day I loved: 


  • A day at Comino with my love. This was the first time we went there together and I felt like I was on holiday even though it was for just one day. We took the boat and I loved the clear
    waters and the light summer breeze 🙂

‘Blue & more Blue’ post

Favourite look of the month: 

  • My navy blue floral dress I have worn about twice this month because it is light,image comfortable and suitable for almost everything! The light pink bag matched perfectly – a perfect size to fit everything and not too bulky at the same time. I liked my hair pulled back and the bright peachy lipstick with this dress. I felt girly, comfortable, and quite stylish at the same time ❤

‘Let’s Go Floral’ post

  • Then there was a family wedding to which I wore a red evening dress – but this is a one time occasion and not a look you can adopt for daily outings.

‘A Princess for a Night’ post photo (10)

Drink/food I enjoyed:

  • Oatmeal pancake with banana, yogurt & walnuts;
  • Baked salmon at a local restaurant;
  • Ham & Cheese rolls;
  • Costa Cappuccino.

‘Ham & Cheese Rolls’ recipe post

photo (11)Purchases made: 

  • Some makeup;
  • A light pink bag;
  • A black & white striped flowing dress;
  • Zara tight-fitted dress (black & white pattern);
  • A head band;
  • Light pink nail polish (Barry M) from River Island; 
  • A car! – Yes, my first car has been bought this month 🙂

Films watched: 

  • ‘Dracula Untold’ (2014) – This is not suitable for everyone since it is a bit dark and macabre, as the name itself suggests. I think you have to be in the mood for it!
  • ’12 Angry Men’ (1957) – A film noir suggested to me by my boyfriend. Honestly, I did not want to watch it at first, but when I finally decided to check this out, I loved every second of it. Everything occurs in one room but the script is perfectly written – it made me reflect on court cases and justice.
  • ‘The Judge’ (2014) – I loved this one too 🙂 and I ended up crying eventually.
  • ‘Inside Out’ (watched at the Cinema) (2015) – I had higher expectations of this animated movie. I found it quite childish and I did not enjoy it as much. I thought it was more comical but everything takes more of a dramatic turn.

Bottom-line: I suggest you watch ’12 Angry Men’ or ‘The Judge’ for a good movie that keeps you thinking.
12 angry menthe judge

 Happy news: 

  • Satisfactory teacher’s interview results for both my subjects (English & geography)
  • A new job in the secondary school I used to attend 🙂

‘A New Start’ post

Something I’ve learnt: 

  • That I should never try to be someone I’m not – I tried something I knew from the start was not for me, but I wanted to try it anyway to prove myself I was good enough. I ended up feeling worse!
  • That I should believe more in myself and accept myself as I am, because I am beautiful this way no matter what anyone else says!

What do you think of this new feature in my blog? Have you found this pleasurable to read? I would love to know 🙂

Thank you!


6 thoughts on “Monthly Resumé 1: August

    1. Yes dear, on Friday it was parked near our house! Let me get used to it so that I’m a safe driver haha. I have not drove it on the streets yet (it’s a Fiat Seicento). I’ll tell you all about it when we meet up cause it was unexpected 🙂 love you xxxx


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