The 10 Commandments of Staying Healthy – Part 2

Remember me? Yes, I am still alive. Unfortunately my grandma is not 😦 She died last week on September 1st so it has been rough with a mixture of emotions. However, I still excuse myself for taking this long to post and for having forgotten part 2 of this section :O Otherwise I hope today’s post can be of interest to you all 🙂

About a month ago, I shared five basic tips of staying healthy – The 10 Commandments of Staying Healthy – Part 1

Here are the rest …

~6.  We all know that summer months mean more time spent outside with friends and relatives. We either dine out or go take an ice cream. Think of alternatives that can give you a similar pleasure but are healthier. Nowadays, restaurants are investing in gluten free menus, and ice cream shops in sugar-free and fat-free flavours – you barely notice the difference. If you wish to cut down on some calories, you can always get an extra portion of vegetables/salad and avoid the french fries. Be careful of creamy sauces! Also, don’t be ashamed to ask for a cappuccino with skimmed milk – most use the full-fat milk not even the semi-skimmed. Obviously there needs to be a balance; but sugars and salts should be kept to a minimum if your intention is staying healthy and fit. Make sure that you intake healthy fats with moderation; such as peanut butter, olive oil/vegetable oils, salmon, corn etc. A tablespoon of oil mixed with your salad, prune, sunflower seeds, and high-fibre foods can help digestion.


Something else for whoever does grocery shopping at home – do not just buy all that comes to your hands but take time to skim the labels and nutrition facts. Know the product you are buying! Fresh products and organic substitutes may be more expensive, but I believe worth it in the long run 🙂 I’ve been keeping to a balanced, healthy diet for these last two years, and I can tell you I feel much lighter and satisfied with my own body 🙂

~7. Very important is to know your appetite! Trick the eyes by filling the plate with a larger portion of vegetables. Some people say they don’t eat much but still get fat – it depends on the portion apart from the food you choose to eat. Eat little but regularly. Also, if you feel you’ve eaten enough, don’t keep on pushing to finish the plate – that is the mistake most people do!

~8. If you have long hours away from home, there is a bigger tendency that you resort to the canteen or take-away food. Doing this once in a while is O.K., but most probably this becomes a daily habit. It’s best to prepare your own food from the night before or early in the morning to take with you to work/school. You can prepare a sandwich or a wrap, some couscous/quinoa, tuna/chicken salad, rice, or any other portable snacks (crackers, fruit, nuts). This will get you to avoid spending money on food on a daily basis and to ensure a healthier lifestyle – no excuses!

~9. Make sure you take a good balance of nutrients throughout your day for efficient body function. Ideally, one should take about two dairy products a day (e.g. some milk with your cereal in the morning and a yogurt later in the evening); a source of carbohydrates with every meal (e.g. a slice of bread, a small portion of potatoes/rice/couscous, croutons with the salad); at least two good meals (one at noon and one later in the day – it is best that the latest meal is protein-based since carbs are more complex to digest); about 5 portions of fruit and vegetables distributed throughout the day (e.g. 2 fruit a day and 2 vegetable portions with the meals – a handful of dried fruit is counted as a portion of fruit)

~10. Know your body! Are you underweight? overweight? How much calorie intake does your body need? I suggest you calculate your BMI for an accurate indication, which is based on the weight and height of the person. In having an idea of what your body requires, you would be able to plan your diet and follow it successfully (Men need a higher calorie intake than women). Some may prefer to keep a logbook in which they keep track of daily food intake and maybe workout routines. Everyone is different, and what works on one individual may not work on another.

Enjoy food .. Be disciplined .. Stay healthy! 

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NEXT UP: My Yoga Experience 🙂 


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