Back with a BOOM!

Hi there!

Yes, I know I should be reprimanded for abandoning my blog for this long 😦 But bear with me, I’ve had a week full of mixed feelings, dilemmas, choices and quick decisions regarding my future career. It’s been tough trying to make up my mind – blehhh, don’t you hate when you’re between a rock and a hard place? especially when knowing that it will have consequences on your future! But anyway, no need to go into details … I just want to get back on track and resume where I left off 🙂

Ahaa, so what have I been up to? Well, I have this dream of publishing my own book, and I’ve come up with a plot for a story; I actually wrote three whole chapters! It was out of the blue and it became so natural to me. This is my next big project I’m working on. However, until I have clearer ideas and more self-confidence, I’ve decided not to share anything JUST yet! I will in due time … and Yes, one more thing to look forward to are my dancing classes 🙂 My, my I’ve missed music and all the fun dance routines, shows, and dance mates so much! I mean school and University have taken up a lot of my energy and time during the past years – have to take all the missed opportunities back …

Since I’ve made a lot of thinking during the past week, today’s post is all about reflections which I had back when I was just a couple of years younger, and some of them still persist today. Actually, I think it all still makes sense … I’m afraid it can be too honest and that it may sound too negative, but this is how it was originally written and I don’t feel I should change a thing. I am not ashamed of sharing my personal thoughts and feelings with you all, and I appreciate your time to read this and leave comments below 🙂

It is a quiet day… the soft breeze caresses my cheek… the sun warms my inside… the beauty of the surroundings soothes me… It is the only certainty… when no one seems to be there… when everyone seems to be entangled in his own life… when there is no one in sight and I am feeling all alone… It is the magnificent sea, the light breeze, the greenery close by, and the mighty sun that lighten up my day… that enable me to clear my head…

And so you might ask what does this teenage girl worry about? Why is she so disturbed at times? What is it that upsets her so much? And so I answer… it is the unjust world…

Each time I am around people… each time I am outside… I cannot seem to smile for long… it seems that I am unable to tolerate the world anymore… it is better if I do not see, I do not hear, and I do not witness any of the pathetic scenarios… sometimes I think that I am the one who is not normal… but NO… it is not me who lacks something… it is the ones around me who seem to have forgotten… to have forgotten how to love… how to be a friend… how to help… how to not give up! Society wants a regime… a photocopy of one another… creativity… originality… uniqueness is viewed in suspicion… but what disturbs me the most are the obscenities my innocent ears happen to hear… the fights amongst people… the grudges… the lack of respect… the alienation… the oppression… the violence… the injustice… Innocent people seem to suffer for the mistakes of the superiors… for the convincing qualities of the liars, double-faced individuals who stop at nothing… who care only for their success…

I wonder how things will get to be in 5 years time… will we still know how to show emotion… affection? When all we seem to care about is our mobile phone… iPad… tablets… screens! How ironic!… meeting with someone to catch up… but chatting with another friend on Facebook… or whatever app at the same time… Really? We don’t know how to dedicate a full hour to a person who’s in front of us?… We don’t know how to make face to face conversation anymore?… Have we let all materialistic things replace unique social skills… unique embraces… warmth we all need?…



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