Birthday Dinner; Looks & Food

Hello readers,

It’s been long since I’ve posted something related to style and beauty. Well, partly because sadly I did not make any interesting purchases recently. The other 50% is because I did not have time to experiment with new make-up and looks. But I confirm birthdays can be life-savers! I’ve had my birthday just a week ago (12/10/1993) (Oh dear God, I am 22 for a week already :O), and so I took the time to pamper myself and get dolled-up for a birthday dinner organized by my loving boyfriend 🙂

I wanted a smart (could be the influence of my teaching profession) but yet sexy look, and so I thought; What could be better than the black and white, pencil straight, never-worn dress bought from Zara? By now I’m over the tiny skirts that wiggle back up with every step, and low-cut party dresses that attract the wrong attention. [On a side note: To the insecure girls out there … Seek to attract men with your brains, personality and natural beauty … There is no need to attract attention and hide insecurities behind vulgar clothing. I am no saint and I’ve been there; I had similar feelings and was often judged, but you’ll learn to work around it and appreciate your body more].

Anyway, back on track … I was happy to be wearing a new item that was just sitting there for the perfect occasion to spoil 🙂 Its black and white pattern, high neckline, and length just below the knees made the dress smart. On the other hand, it’s fitted wear accentuated the female curves which gave that sexy touch I sought. I topped it off with black accessories, a black clutch bag, and black lace sandals – Birthday look done!

Hmm, but something is still yet missing … I am a girly girl and I love make-up; so what better day to experiment with some eye-shadow? I like the classical smokey eyes a lot, but I wanted something softer for the night. Thus, I opted for pearly highlighter at the inner corner of my eyes, a glittery light shade of grey for the middle of my eye caps, and some darker purplish grey on the outside of my eyes. The eye-shadow applied came in the form of a crayon which made it fast and easy to blend. For the lips I wanted a nude brownish colour that was matte and a bit dark – I think it could be afforded for the night, and I felt it lasted longer with dining.

Here are some pictures of my look which I believe is still quite simple [Excuse the poor quality of the photos 😦 which sheds light on the next Christmas present for myself – a good camera! :)]

photo 2 (2)

photo 3 (5)

photo 4 (1)

Wait a sec, I have not told you where I was taken, what did we eat, and what about my birthday present!? I was taken to a restaurant at Spinola Bay, St. Julians, situated at the very top of three other restaurants. This meant an amazing view of Spinola Bay just below us. I guess by now you may be wondering what’s the name of this place … Well, with an Italian owner and staff, the name has to be Italian – Ristorante Dolce Vita is indeed the sweet name of this very modern restaurant. I must say that in being both hungry, my boyfriend and I, were disappointed at the small food portions arranged on large white plates … but with a starter and dessert afterwards, we were O.K.

Here’s what we ordered: 


MILLEFOGLIE DI SCOTTONA: Finely sliced raw beef served with a green leaf salad, Girgentana goat robiola (soft-ripened cheese) and tomato confit (As described in their online food menu)


Main Course: 

Mine: NE COTTO NE CRUDO: A combination of cooked tuna with sesame seeds and raw tuna on a base of mashed potatoes which reminded me of sushi!


Jeff’s: Unfortunately I don’t remember the exact name of the plate – But I know he opted for swordfish in a crust with king prawns.

Swordfish with King Prawns (Jeff's)
Swordfish with King Prawns (Jeff’s)

We had potatoes and some vegetables as side dishes.


Mine: CASSATELLA SICILIANA: Sponge with sweet ricotta filing and marzipan – I love this!

Jeff’s: TIRAMISU’: Cream cheese with a coffee flavour and frutti di bosco on top – served in glass.


Birthday present by my love: A dainty silver necklace by Fossil 🙂 & a relaxing Spa day!

Hope you like this post and have some time to go through it 🙂



2 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner; Looks & Food

    1. Thank you pretty 🙂 I’m super glad you like the dress too – I fell in love with it for its simplicity and elegance. I did.. It was great 🙂 I have to get back on track with my blog though 😦

      Lea Xo

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