‘WHY?’… What is it?

This is what a sleepless night brings with it … 


Why do we dream?

Why do we question?

Why do we doubt?

Why do we never seem to be satisfied?


Is it cause we have become artificial?

Unable to be happy with what we have?

Or because we are ambitious?

Wanting to improve and be the best?


Why do we hate and seek revenge?

Why sometimes we cannot control our inner state?

Why do we love and possess?

Why are we sometimes so distressed?


Is it cause we have to hurt back to feel good?

Unable to let go? Otherwise we’re a fool?

Are we scared to trust?

Or simply selfish, wanting everyone for us?


Why do we contradict?

Why do we take for granted?

Why do we focus on the negative?

Why are we always on the defensive?


Is it cause we expect others to understand?

Unable to explain our moods?

Or because of our pride?

Convinced our actions are right?


It’s up to you to find answers,

To have clues,

To first be the one to understand your views.


12/11/2015 @ 4.30 am

“We act in particular ways without sometimes knowing why we behaved that way. Sometimes we are so confused, we cannot understand a thing about our life or ourselves. This leads to a series of questions to which sometimes we have no answers. It’s frustrating not being able to determine what is it that has triggered an unpleasant reaction; that’s why I’m asking ‘Why?’… ‘Why are we so complex?’ It is only when we accept the fact that sometimes there will be things we can never understand about us and the people around, and we’re at peace with our inner self, that we may start to live better with less questions in our head”.

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