Overcoming the Chill in Style!

Hey all,

Isn’t it the 1st of December just today? I just love the feeling this month instills in me; everything is just more sparkly! The beginning of this month also highlights the colder winter season. Up until just last week, we were still enjoying a warm, sunny weather in Malta. Now, with Christmas just round the corner, we’re starting to appreciate more warm cups of cocoa and cozy knit-wear. The weather is getting colder and winter-lovers must be finally feeling a sense of relief!

And who doesn’t love to wrap-up in an oversized, woolly scarf for daily errands, or a lightweight, silky one to give a plain dress a little twist!? I have to say one of the reasons I love winter is the fact that it allows me the possibility to wear and cuddle in beautiful scarves of all colours and patterns. As a matter of fact, I have quite a collection I bought myself or received as a gift. I wear every one of them – I’ve even started to blend scarves with my weekend outfits, preferring these over bulky jackets that just conceal… well, everything!  This post today is just to share some of my favourite scarves; let’s take a look 😉

photo 2 (4).JPG
The ones I wear from day to day 🙂
photo 4 (2).JPG
The three I prefer most…

I wear these three more frequently than the others … Why?

Just because the black one with threads of silver glittering on the left goes well with almost everything… is not too casual nor too smart… is not heavy or bulky but gives me the enough warmth I need.

Just because the dotted brown one in the middle is reversible… dark brown? beige? which one just goes best… and so so cozy – the warmth of a quilt 😛

Just because the striped red and blue one has the right combination of colours… and is amazingly smart… plus I have a striped sweater with the exact same colours resulting in an unexpected twinset!

photo 1 (3).JPG
Me happily wearing my cozy brown scarf

Don’t flip the page just yet… There’s more 🙂 …

photo 1 (4).JPG
The ones I consider just lovelier 🙂 

I love all these scarves and I alternate in wearing them. In wearing a plain black woolly dress over long black boots, I like to brighten up my outfit with either the floral blue one on the left or the patterned red and black one with black wide lining all around in the middle; it is squarish in shape and can be worn in so many versatile ways 🙂

photo 2 (5).JPG
This is it…

The grey one with some pink has been a birthday present from a very special friend, and I think I’ll go more with wearing that over something of a dark grey colour. Finally, my latest purchase has been this exquisite dark blue and gold oversized wrap with so many details. I can’t wait to start wearing this over some plain dresses instead of the usual boring dark jackets!

photo 3 (8)
My latest purchase… just yesterday!

Let’s spice it up this winter 🙂

Which is your personal favourite? Let me know… even on my Facebook Page for the ones following me there. 

Have a good day and a good start to December!


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