Hello beautiful people, I hope you are all living the festive season with happy faces! Just a day before New Year’s Eve, I am sure everyone is busy with last-minute preparations; especially us ladies eager to dance the night away in a new pretty dress:

  • Hairdresser appointment? – Check!
  • Nail polish to match the dress? – Check!
  • A new long-lasting lip-shade? – Not really!
  • Plucked my eyebrows?  – Not yet!
  • Two/three dresses to choose from for the event? – Check!
  • High-heels that do not kill my feet? – well, I don’t think this is ever possible!

Is this you? Well, I may have done all the above if I had time and less priorities to take care of at the moment. But… some changes have occurred this month and this involves a new job…

All I can tell for now is that this is a innovative and unique project in Malta! which I am sure will bring a lot of excitement and fun experiences to young ones and adults alike 🙂 It is all related to science and technology. Currently, I’m in the backdrop; but once it all starts running I will be involved with presenting science shows to the public: bio section of Esplora team


I just love the idea of seeing new faces and being able to interact with new people on a daily basis!  Hopefully, I will be able to share more information about this in the coming months.

All I know is that for now I am happy to travel early to the south (MCST Villa Bighi, Kalkara)even just for the impressive scene; blue sea, expensive yachts, and the big orange sun just rising above.

Kalkara (Ix-Xatt)


Otherwise, my Christmas has been really simple in the company of family. A party with lots of food and the joy of sharing presents on Christmas Eve! Christmas day was even simpler, as my mum prepared lunch which we enjoyed together in the comfort of home.

How was your Christmas? Lots of parties and drinks? Or cozy cuddles at home?


Anything planned for New Year’s Eve? Well, mine is supposed to be more about partying this time. Let’s bring on the New Year! And may you all have a wonderful time and a successful year 😉



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