Let’s Fight Cold & Flu!

Hi everyone,

It’s been long and I actually am not so proud with how I’m managing my blog lately but I just hope you have not given up on me just yet ^^

Firstly, I hope you’re all doing fine as the New Year is kicking in! We’re already at the end of February! Normally this is the coldest season here in Malta, which means more people are prone to colds andflu flu.

Blehh, think a bit about that dreadful feeling brought about by your stinging throat, your runny nose, your watery eyes, and that bad cough that did not allow you to get much sleep the night before. You feel a bit weak and you cannot taste your favourite food, and that’s bad enough; but we usually do not think much of it and keep on pushing to continue with our daily activities. Truthfully, we usually recover fully within the span of three days; but that doesn’t mean it cannot be fatal, especially if our body temperatures rise too much and we take it for granted.

In my case, whenever I start feeling the symptoms of flu, I usually turn to my grandma for some natural remedies. I must say I am not one who enjoys swallowing tablets, so bring on anything that is not in tablet form. My grandma always suggests some honey with warm water. There was time when grandpa used to raise bees for honey; knowing the product comes from trustworthy hands made this remedy more effective in my eyes.


During cooler months I like to start my days with a mug of warm water together with honey and a slice of lemon. Honey is sweet and tastes great, it gives you energy, it serves as an antioxidant, and it boosts up your immune system. It is proven to be effective in curing sore throats as it has the ability to kill bacteria causing the infection. Carob syrup is also said to help ease sore throats and coughs; however, honey remains my first preference.apple

Another drink I enjoy in winter, which I believe also helps me remain strong and healthy during the winter months, is freshly squeezed orange juice and fruit intakes throughout the day … You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

And what about some nice soup or chicken broth with lots of vegetables? This is something my mother always gives me when I’m sick, and I think it replaces lost vitamins and is light on the stomach. True, cold and flu are commonalities in winter but I still think that most of it depends on what we eat and give to our body. Our immune system plays a major role in getting sick; we can boost it up and keep it strong by choosing a healthy lifestyle – oats; quinoa; barley; dried fruits; nuts; herbal teas; yoghurt; seeds (Sunflower, Chia, Goji seeds) all have amazing benefits. Well, prevention is better than cure don’t you think?

Another simple remedy my mum used to mention is the saltwater gargle; this consists of about ½ a teaspoon of salt dissolved in some warm water. It is said that gargling your throat with this reduces throat swelling. But I think we are actually forgetting a basic yet fundamental thing; i.e. the drinking of plenty of water that cleanses our body and keeps us hydrated in such times when our body is weak, or losing body fluids through vomiting or diarrhea. Forget your so-much-needed coffee … now it’s not the time! Also, most of us make the common mistake of ignoring what our body needs; in such times it is important to let your body command you and give it the rest it needs to get back to its normal function. Let someone else do the work for the day!


The above are some of my honest insights but I am not finished yet.. I have something else for you. I am honoured to be partnering up with BHG (Bankers Healthcare Group) to share the graphic image below with you. Before you ask who on earth BHG is … they are a company in the USA who’s committed to matching doctors and other medical professionals with the financing solutions they need, to be able to serve you and me well and help us get better when we’re sick!

The graphic highlights some interesting myths followed by facts as “knowledge is power when it comes to staying healthy during flu season”.

BHG_flu_myths_v02_optimized (1)

I hope you can learn something new through today’s post and decide to fight cold and flu in better ways next time it knocks on your doors 🙂

Take good care,



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