Food for thought… …

Lately I have been asking these big questions like ‘what is happiness?’ ‘how do you know you love someone?’ ‘what makes you self-fulfilled?’ Answers to these questions are never easy and would vary from one individual to another but I am quite sure all of us came across these doubts at various points in their lives.

We think something or SOMEONE can make us happy but it still isn’t enough; we still feel that emptiness inside… like something is still missing and we’re looking for that missing piece. Maybe I need to buy that latest mobile phone on the market? or maybe I need to be nicer to my friends at work so that I feel accepted? or maybe I should go back to study and make my parents proud again? or should I workout even more and eat less so that I can look like those models in the magazines? Truthfully, none of this makes me happy for a long time… it fades away after a day or two. Is that how it is with us human beings… we’re never satisfied with what we have… we always want more and more? We’re never going to reach that happy state that lasts for more than a day?

Maybe it is the attitude we have that doesn’t really let us move forward as persons. I think happiness is the state where we truly accept ourselves; where we are aware and admit our weaknesses but we are also aware of those special qualities that make us different from the rest. I think we’re happy when we manage to break free from the suffocating world; where our mood is not dependent on other fucked up people; where we no longer strive to please others, but work hard to please ourselves! I am not saying I am there yet but I want to arrive there as soon as possible. Having goals, knowing  what you want to achieve in your life is the first step I guess. Then not giving up on yourself and building the determination it takes to arrive slowly there comes next… patience and time… pushing to the limits not being scared of the challenges that come in the way. It’s so easy to be shallow and just take the easy way out, but for me that’s not an option – that’s the way to self-destruction.

‘What about loving a person?’ ‘Can you love someone if you don’t love yourself enough?’ ‘Or can someone love you if you don’t love yourself?’ hmm… these are tricky questions that really get me in deep thought. Not knowing your self value can lead to abuse and toxic relationships. Your self-confidence or more your lack of self-confidence is something people can perceive and notice quite quickly. Maybe people can help you to notice good stuff about yourself that you miss, and get you to love yourself more; but at the end the one person you can really count on, will always be YOURSELF!


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