Take Off

I fell in love with travelling on my own, to the extent that if I have to go abroad with someone, I think I will find it hard now…

I am so excited and full of energy that I don’t need time to rest. For me it’s just a waste of time when all I want to do is toss the luggage in the room and run outside again with no one to hold me back. 

An early morning, a nice breakfast, a map in hand, and flee outside to roam around and discover the wonders of a new place. I can be just like a little girl in a new place; I am awed by everything – the simplest of things! Snow falling on me, a huge pillar, squirrels in parks, wide highways, Christmas markets, a huge M&Ms shop, narrow pathways; the things that may seem nothing for anybody else, can inspire me in marvelous ways. I would want no one coming in the way, shuttering the peace I feel when I’m away. 

It’s not that I don’t love my country; I am in fact very proud of it and can enjoy its beauty, but I often get the feeling I don’t belong here anymore. When I’m travelling I feel like a new person from the moment I step on the plane and take off. A huge baggage falls off my shoulder and I can see a life full of possibilities, full of new beginnings… 

All this because I can walk freely, no one knows me, no one is ready to point a finger and judge my ways, no one is controlling me. I can be myself and I can be the person I dream of being. When I’m abroad, I feel I can achieve anything, I can conquer the world. I am not afraid anymore. I fall in love with myself all over again. 

All I want to do is walk and discover, meet new people, make new friends, share my views with people from all over the world. There are so many interesting people out there we miss to recognize. During my travels I had the opportunity to meet Chinese people, a talented musician, a sweet Bulgarian woman, a Filipino, some German people, friendly Greeks; some of which I am still in contact with today, and I can say I learned something from every one of them! 

I want to get lost, yes lost in a new place… just to prove myself I can find my way on my own. That’s when I know I can do everything independently. I am free and it’s the best feeling ever! 

I haven’t visited a lot of countries and at the beginning I used to travel with my family, until unexpected events took place that left me with no choice but to go on my own. Since then I cannot stop doing it! 

Until now I have been to Canada for a month, Paris, Rome, Sicily, Vienna, Santorini, Athens, Glasgow for some work experience, London, and Germany; what’s my next destination? Well, I am surely thinking about it; there are so many places I want to visit but maybe not Europe this time. Some other continent just to mingle with a different crowd of different traditions, cuisines, beliefs, religions. 

What about some voluntary work in some southern country? I would love to do that but I think that’s something I need to prepare myself mentally for, and be completely ready to sacrifice my comfort and give my all to help these people. But it’s on my list and I will get to do it too 🙂 

Any suggestions of some beautiful places I can visit? 

Stay tuned for a photo diary I will share later in the week


2 thoughts on “Take Off

    1. That’s so lovely of you 🙂 I’m so glad you could relate to this. Malta is such a small country and everyone knows everyone that sometimes it gets too much… Too suffocating. So when abroad i feel more free to be as i am and less observed. Thanks for your feedback


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