Spontaneous Meeting!

Last Sunday was a pretty nice day here in Malta; you could say it was sunny like a blissful summer day given to us as a gift in the usually cold month of February. So I woke up and immediately made my way to the closest beach; took a book, a diary, headphones and that’s it. No, I asked no one to come with me; it was my time 🙂 I often find people being astonished by this, admiring the fact that I go out alone to have a coffee, or go shopping alone, or travel alone. They say I have guts, I say it’s a normal thing any person should do to feel independent. It helps you discover yourself and grow fonder of who you are; plus it is not said that you go out alone and you remain alone! Most often I end up meeting new people and making friends like it happened to me Sunday …

I was chilling on one of the benches, waiting for my cappuccino as I appreciated the view of the calm blue sea and the traces of fun and play on the golden sand. I couldn’t help noticing the fascinating big boulders separating this  bay (Golden Sands) from the other one (Gnejna Bay) … this happens to be one of my favourite bays in Malta. I was enjoying observing friends playing netball on the sand, families running around with their dogs, and small  children making castles on the sand. I was engaged into the distant laughter of them all,  when an older woman sat next to me mumbling something beneath her breath. Spontaneously, she started a chat with me which I didn’t expect but loved. She started telling me a bit about her background,  she opened up to me realizing the pain of her husband’s loss hasn’t left her after three years without him. Before we knew it, we were laughing and sharing stories.

She wasn’t there alone … she was with her son, his wife and their cutest young girl, as well as a childhood friend of her son who apparently used to be a lot at their house. I met them all on that sunny morning at the beach unexpectedly. My plans changed abruptly … they were the nicest people and I immediately grew fond of them. We talked about everything; the latest series and movies, my travels, their profession, their plans on Valentine’s day, food, well everything that came to mind. But what I loved the most was the fact that they treated me as part of their family, showing me how much they loved my company by inviting me to take lunch with them. Although I insisted not to (I had food at home and I really wanted to get back on track with my diet but anyway …), they ordered a nice big plate of pasta for me with creamy sauce on special request (they didn’t even serve pasta on the menu!) It was lovely of them and we ate together like one big family – I am pretty sure that strangers never assumed I wasn’t part of the family and just a stranger they met on the day.

I wanted to share this with you to show how beautiful it is to interact, to get out of the comfort zone and meet new people, to share knowledge and experiences. It’s very easy to make somebody’s day – they did make my day by making me feel wanted and fun to be around. And so don’t be afraid to be in public alone, don’t ever be ashamed to be with your own company; it signals strength and freedom. In that way you’re open to new possibilities that come your way  that happen unexpectedly, and spontaneous is the most wonderful thing!

Goodnight dear readers,

Happy Valentines to you all ,




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