Are you Living?

“If we die, we die … but first we live”

Ygritte to John Snow (Game of Thrones – Season 3 episode 6)

Interpret it as you like; I take it as ‘risk to live, go outside your comfort zone, if it goes bad and it’s a mess, it’s O.K. you’ll deal with it. But don’t you die (and by die I mean becoming this bitter, emotionless being) before you even live it.’

What does living mean? Waking up, going to work, coming back home, eating, watching TV and sleep? The fact that you opened your eyes in the morning? Living is more than that. Personally, I hate routine – I can’t stand doing the same thing every single day. It becomes utterly boring! But what can we do? work has to be done, chores carried out, daily obligations too…
Sincerely, I do not know how most of you out there do it or maybe seem to do it just perfectly. I am scared of change, terrified actually but at the same time I NEED change to revive myself.

That excitement; looking forward for something; working on oneself; taking risks; doing different stuff; trying out things; meeting people; going on adventures; travelling; learning… doesn’t that all has to do with living? But where is the time? We’re losing our sense of living just because we’re consumed with work, family stress, toxic relations, others’ judgement … resulting in exhaustion and the inability to live our short life to the full.

I bet at least 50% of you out there are doing a job they do not truly love just cause they have to, they have to get the money and they just accept their position. Should you?
Some others are probably in a relationship that doesn’t fulfil them just cause it suits them, or yet again, do not have the courage to change it.
A few others are in a bad rapport with their family/parents and too stubborn or proud to make a step forward.
Others seek revenge and take it on innocent people just because they do not know how to deal with their broken self.

So ask yourself; Are you truly living? Are you doing what you always dreamt you’ll be doing? Are you fulfilled?

Tricky questions… as I posted recently on instagram ‘change your status quo just so you can become the best version of yourself … never be happy with 60% … keep doing and changing everything until you are truly happy’ – only then you can start living. The worse thing you can ever do is dismiss it, ignore it altogether believing it will just leave you at peace. It won’t! and will come again to haunt you in your dreams or to distract you from living your days, so deal with it, sort it out – do something to live a better life.

Lea xx

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