Love at First Sight?

Not long ago, I was having this chat about love at first sight …

It happened to me once … with a cat! Actually a small ball of fur which stole my heart with its cute face and playful character … but with a human being … a man hmmm not really!

If we take it literally, love at first sight would mean being love struck, as your eyes lock on the person – if it was a movie, the pupils would turn into two small pink hearts fixed in a gaze. But, really, love takes more than that; if we take the deep meaning of the vague word ‘love’, all this comes to my mind:

  • Doing all you can to see the person happy;
  • Going out of your way to meet the person’s needs;
  • You consider them in everything you do – they inhibit your thoughts;
  • But love means mainly respect?

As new as I am to real love, I happened to ask a colleague of mine “what is love?” “How do you know?” and she just gave me one sentence which summarized all; she said “love is when you respect someone effortlessly” – that word ‘effortlessly’.

Of course you can fall in love with the appearance of someone, you’re hooked, you’re curious … like you see someone and instantly say “this is exactly how I dreamt my guy would be … just like that … that height, that built, those eyes, and that mouth”. But then couldn’t that person just be an asshole, the biggest liar, a broken soul, a nasty being that shutters that dream … those instant butterflies.

So I ask, “how can you love at first sight without knowing the person, without spending time with the person?” It depends on what you understand by ‘love’, but don’t you mistaken love for lust because that’s the worst you can do to yourself and the other individual.

Personally, you can only love, build bonds, feel close once you take your time to know the person, and you would be ready to be present through thick and thin; otherwise, you are just in love with the face, the body, the lips which just fade away after a short while.

Love takes time, sacrifices, commitment, and most of all courage. I know the most coward person in the world, who is desperate to receive love but so scared to give it … what a pity! Love is the greatest thing in the world – we all need it despite denying it sometimes; it’s what helps us get through our days.

My advice  to you …

Take care of the ones you love, the ones who make you feel good with yourself, the ones who bring out the best in you, and never take them for granted. There could be a time where you regret it all.

What about you? Do you believe in love at first sight? How do you describe it? I would love to know your opinions, people who happen to come across my post from any country across the world, maybe you get to change my opinion about it all.


Lea xx

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