Straight to the Point

Does God exist? Is there a life after death? Will we be given some special prize for living a good life? What’s our purpose here? And if God exists and loves us, why do innocent people get to suffer? And if God has so much power and can make anything impossible possible, why is there war, hatred, crime? Why weren’t we all born to be good … to do good?

Aren’t the questions above questions we all asked at some point in our life, especially as we grow up and start discovering the world through our own eyes? I did ask them and I still do. This is not about being cynical or pessimistic, but it is about choosing not to be brainwashed by society and formulating my own opinion. It is about choosing not to ignore and be ignorant but to learn to question things, reason things out and don’t just believe whatever is told to me just because we’re scared to think otherwise. We’re scared to question God and death and evil.

Do you sometimes feel that we have been spitted out in this world, left to find our own paths, forced to believe in something beyond us so that we can keep sane? Because I many times feel this way. Let’s make ourselves believe that justice will eventually thrive and people will get to have what they deserve at the end of time … as if. Criminals, murderers, dictators, paedophiles… for whatever reason they act that way… aren’t they still ruining other people’s life in the meantime, so what’s the point that they will eventually be punished by God? Does that make YOU feel better? because it doesn’t do justice to me! I still do not rest in knowing that.

I am aware that this is a very delicate subject and some may be horrified at me saying this, but honestly, let’s not try and act as saints and admit we have doubts (even about God), bad thoughts, and unjustifiable actions. This day and age I cannot even promise anything about myself let alone other people; WHY? because there was a time when I also thought I would never question my faith and I did. Because there were moments when I thought I would never act in such a way or say such a thing, and I did. Because I have bad thoughts as well sometimes – we’re human beings and we’re full of sin, despite wanting to be so good and wanting hard to believe we are good people. 

It’s O.K. to question things, to question your faith, to question the reality of your life and to question yourself – Don’t be scared of it!


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