The Power of Observation

I stared through the raindrop stained window as I sipped a cup of hot bitter coffee, and this is what I saw …

An old lady with glasses too big for her narrow face, short and thin scurrying past to make it to the nearest shelter from the rain.

Two girlfriends sharing one umbrella, huddled together, talking and laughing. I wondered what secret they were confessing, or what gossip they were whispering, or what joke they were so enthused with.

A stylish girl with leather pants and denim jacket with a tall guy in that swag style; they suit one another.

A middle-aged woman covered from head to toe, with a scarf around her head. I couldn’t even tell the colour of her hair.

Then I saw a family; the wife, the husband (as I am assuming) with two lovely young children. One was jumping happily in every puddle that comes her way. I couldn’t help but smile and crave that innocence again.

As I looked around me, I appreciated the differences … so many people with their own style, impressions, purposes… I smiled to myself and I smiled at the old man across from me.

I looked at the faces of people and wondered what they were thinking about, what they were feeling today, and what fears they were surmounting. It’s not that we’re so different after all …

Then I thought to myself – this is the turning point and the moment where I decide I will be inspired by everything around me. I will look at the details and get to see what others do not see. I will write about anything that comes to my head, as long as to me it makes sense. I will smile more often, even at people that I do not know. I will seek happiness in the little things, and today staring at the young blonde girl enjoying herself getting messy in the puddles, was just a small thing that gave me a ray of new hope.

Then I made my way outside and despite the rain and grey weather, I thought; “This was a good day … this is a good day because I made it a good day”

To many more extraordinary days! 



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