Get to know ME …

I am now a woman of twenty four years old (I still would like to think I am twenty years old :P) not because of the age, but because I would want to go back to being slightly younger with the knowledge about life I have now and waste less precious time. I live with my parents and my younger brother in Rabat, on the outskirts actually, in the middle of nowhere (really and truly!), hidden from the busy streets at the end of an alley in the countryside. It’s total bliss!

I am a dreamer; I still like to wonder and dream big things. I visualize the life I dream for myself, and believe that eventually I can achieve it. I still find pleasure in watching cartoons, singing loudly in the shower, fooling around in front of a mirror, dancing like crazy, and Kinder Sorpresa! And I still hope that people are true and willing to be in my life for the right reasons; I still like to give the benefit of the doubt despite the cynical world we’re living in.

I am totally girly – I love make up, red lipstick, shopping for clothes and shoes (Oh my God Shoes!!), and boy talk with girlfriends. But then I train like a beast when it comes to fitness; give me weights, give me a full blast hour of sweaty workout and I am there challenging myself. And this fitness thing is not about losing weight (it’s not my priority anymore), it’s about a lifestyle – a way of living and improving and keeping yourself at top notch.

I tend to not be fulfilled so easily because I always expect more from myself. I am a perfectionist but clumsy and disorganized; does this make sense? I prefer a messy table rather than an all-stacked one. It’s like I find things more easily when they are all over the place? Maybe someone can relate to this in some way. I am restless, in the sense that I always want to do new things, find new hobbies, meet new people, see new places – I am always inventing something that could help me feel better and good with myself.

People say I am a deep a reflective person, and I agree. Sometimes I think I am actually too much and people can get intimidated or pushed away – scared of my deep questions maybe? But if you ask me, this is a quality I am actually proud of! I would prefer deep people over shallow ones; over people who do not argue or are passive. I like reactions! I like people’s honest opinions and value these.

Something else I’ve become to love is travelling; whether alone or in company it’s the best feeling I have ever felt. A form of liberation due to the disassociation with the place and people there. I feel I can be whoever I want when abroad; no inhibitions. And it is when I travelled alone that I learned how to do things on my own; I could be dependent on no one in that case. It was just me and a foreign country.

I would like to think that I do not know myself enough (and maybe this is true) so that I am always on a journey to discover more. And I am surprised at the things I get to learn about myself each day.

There is so much I can reveal but this is just a teaser for you out there who have took interest in my blog and would like to know about the person behind it – I realized I never really took time to introduce myself properly…


Lea xxx

One thought on “Get to know ME …

  1. Hey Lea.. prosit tal block u keep it up.. vera persuna determinata hafna … alkemm gieli rajtek gym u ma nitkelmux… anyway nice to meet you
    Julian 😊


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