Are you Living?

“If we die, we die … but first we live” Ygritte to John Snow (Game of Thrones – Season 3 episode 6) Interpret it as you like; I take it as ‘risk to live, go outside your comfort zone, if it goes bad and it’s a mess, it’s O.K. you’ll deal with it. But don’t … More Are you Living?

Change is good

Since I am over my 20s, I find myself reflecting more often on my life, my emotions, my values, my way of seeing things, that surely isn’t the same as 5 years ago. Somewhat I find more obstacles than before … maybe some I create myself.  Have you ever had the feeling you kind of … More Change is good

A New Start

Everyone reflects on where s/he wants to be, what s/he wants to do in the near future… some don’t have a clue Others know perfectly but things may not always come as expected… I feel it makes sense to share this news with you because there is a great probability it will affect my future … More A New Start