Chapter [Unknown]

As we entered Val’s car, I was met with Val’s inquisitive look. She was expecting an explanation. “What flight? You’re going to live abroad?! Oh my God! You’ll come to visit right? What am I going to do without you? Call me every day; do you hear me?” said Val with tears brimming down her … More Chapter [Unknown]

Fiction Drama

I saw you blink and I looked again. Yes, you blinked and my heart flickered and that was it.  Both feet removed from the pedals… hands free from the steering wheel. It was then that I lost all sense of fighting… of controlling what I have no control over! I was captivated by our memories. … More Fiction Drama

Who’s that Girl?

There she was, sitting in the darkest corner of the room Looking down at her brown patterned skirt Studying the intricate details The interwoven pyramids on the woollen fabric Too old-fashioned to be worn by a 16 year old girl   She could stare like this for hours As if that skirt she wore every … More Who’s that Girl?