Colours . Creativity . Graffiti

This was such a cool local event which took place last night! I heard about it on the radio and got curious – I thought “why not stop by and snap some photos?” 🙂 But I actually got more than I bargained for as I ended up participating in the event which I was not quite prepared for! The central thing was creating your own graffiti on a small chosen area at Paceville, St Julians using paints and sprays. In using sprays that are toxic, we were required to wear a mask. The main challenge was thinking about what to paint on the spot and then putting it in action – if you think it is easy to make art on a wall, please think again! Below you can take a look of what I have managed to create:

Image (1)

Honestly, this is not exactly the outcome I had in mind. I wanted to write the words “Be Happy” on a colourful background; simple but powerful all the same in my opinion. However, I did not realize the words may not fit in such a small space, having to improvise and think of something shorter! I can say this made me appreciate the art of graffiti more – it does involve talent…

Displayed above are the creations of other people participating in the event, which most of them were foreigners wanting to leave their mark here in Malta – there are some good ones! Let me know which one you like best 🙂 I personally like the sunset (with the name Alex), and the hands shaping a heart on the orange background. What would your graffiti have been like? I would like to know your ideas 🙂 

Lea X


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