Haha consistency …

According to the English dictionary the noun con/sist/en/cy has two main meanings:

  1. in food or drinks when speaking about the degree of density of a substance; how thick and firm it is? how it holds together;
  2. in behaviour when speaking about keeping to the same principles and keeping more or less the same pattern in behaviour and values to achieve and keep something – you know, so that people can trust you!

Hmmm … let’s speak about the latter … it’s not always so easy to be consistent in life but you have to at least try for your own sake and for others’ sake.

I am NO saint – let’s make this clear. My posts aren’t about me always doing the right thing and the world always being wrong. I am an old soul! I am different in a lot of ways and I express my rebel ways here; on this platform for whoever relates to my values and what I think. My ways aren’t always right. I’m human and sometimes I think I am more human than most… Sometimes my feelings are heightened; I feel a lot – I can almost feel instantly … which is bad for me but anyway let me stick to the subject!

Consistency … let me go down memory lane and remember when I was a child and I was given a new doll to play with; I am happy with it for a couple of days. I wake up every morning looking for it and holding it for most part of the day, doing its hair and taking it with me wherever I go – even to school if possible. Then my birthday comes and I am given a new toy; what happens? I forget all about the other doll that gave me happiness and company well for some time that suited me … and start enjoying the new toy crying if someone comes to share it. It’s understandable; I was a child and children don’t know any better; they just want to play.

But isn’t it so irritable when people at the age of maturity still want to play in the most bizarre ways? Like have something stable you believe in and stick to it! Seriously, people are not objects and you can’t just treat them like that. You can’t just manipulate them with your words, make them believe something just cause it suits you for that time, and then just change your belief and your behaviour instantly; without warnings! Know yourself and be consistent with friends, with your partners, with your families, with colleagues.

I am not saying this to judge because there were times were I wasn’t consistent at all! And it was shitty; and when someone isn’t consistent with me and it’s my turn to feel shitty, I realize that maybe I could have made someone feel less worthy because I wasn’t consistent in my words and behaviours. It’s easy to be trapped in a moment, everything looks super awesome, you feel like yeah it’s the right thing, you’re rash, you act on the moment, you lead someone on … and what a pity … the next day everything gets ruined, even friendship, just because for that second you let your instinct and your emotions carry you, blocking reality and logic!

This is a lesson learned; be a better judge of character, as someone said to me a while ago; don’t get carried away in the moment trusting someone you barely know can be consistent in his/her actions; not even friends you’ve known for a long time can be consistent anymore in the life we’re living, let alone a stranger.

And it’s not just consistency with someone in words and actions, but it’s also about consistency in your life; if you want to achieve something you cannot just start it, but you have to keep it; to see results you have to be consistent!

Thank you for taking 5 minutes of your time to read this,




3 thoughts on “Con-sist-en-cy!

  1. p.s. if you read my post correctly and attentively you should have met this sentence; “I am not saying this to judge because there were times were I wasn’t consistent at all!” which clearly states I am no exception and can also be inconsistent


  2. Well if you feel like there’s too much value being placed on women’s looks in this day and age (saw your comment on someone elses article on this subject), then why do you try to conform to it by stuffing your face with fillers? Speaking about inconsistency.


    1. I have no idea who you are and I tried clicking to maybe get to your website or blog; but I believe you are a foreigner who just stepped onto my post? I think you are a little bit confused here – having photos and experimenting with filters or whatever is normal and most people do it. Stupid people may just stop at the photo and focus on what they see there – going beyond and not judging (just like you did) is what I was referring to – you stopped at my photos claiming I stuff my face with fillers – well I have even photos without make up or any filters whatsoever but yes, I do like to experiment and see how the photo or I look best (which has nothing wrong but it’s so easy to point fingers). My post was about people claiming to have feelings and being inconsistent about them not really sticking to what they say – not being patient also to get to know someone. You judged on what you thought you saw in the photos not really knowing anything about me, my feelings or experiences. Also note that people who use fillers might also be using them to hide their insecurities, to try and boost their self-esteem and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are super happy about their looks.

      Have a good day 🙂


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