A Princess for a Night

Last Friday night I had a family wedding to which I wanted to look extra glam. After roaming around various boutiques, I was enchanted by this red evening gown – it was love at first sight…

evening gown

Its detail at the collar and lace-like material makes this Valentino dress stand out. It hugs the figure opening up just a little at the feet giving it a slight mermaid look. To complete the outfit I opted for silver jewellery and a silver clutch-bag that matched my high-heeled silver sandles, although in reality no one could actually see the shoes beneath the length of the dress!

me 1 photo 4 (3) photo 5 (1)I just loved the shiny diamond earrings, purchased from Claire’s, with this dress – they created just the right contrast filling the space between the ears and the neck.


As for the hair, I thought that an upstyle was ideal for this occasion; it gave a refined look and made it more possible to appreciate the elegance of the dress.

photo 3 (6)

Last but not least there’s makeup – YvesSaintLaurent (YSL) has been my main sponsor for the night. I did not want dark colours on my eyelids. The pearly eye shadow seemed to create the effect I wanted, choosing to darken the edges with a subtle brown shade. I’ve also highlighted the corners of my eyes with a silver highlighter pen (Catrice Cosmetics). The purplish-brown lip shade was the final touch – I can’t seem to get enough of this colour!

photo 3 (7) make up

made up photo 5 (2)

How would you rate this look? Would you have made similar choices? You beauty lovers let me know 🙂


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